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Here are some other very interesting links to history and information on abyssinians.

Cat Fanciers Association. Worlds largest registry of pedigree cats.

Striped, Spotted and Ticked Cats by S Hartwell: A nice article with lots of good photos and drawings.

Cattery Index. A comprehensive directory of Catteries world wide.

Abyssinian Genetics by the Abyssinian Homepage

A good resource on why responsible breeders do not let their kittens go prior to 12 weeks of age, courtesy of FBRL

Link to the site of the dam of Jake's offspring:

Photography courtesy of ...
DRPhotography / Tel.: 902 865-7668

My deepest gratitude to Inge Sadler of Pick of the Litter Society for her kindness and compassion towards my little aby babies in their time of need.

"Of all domestic animals the cat is the most expressive. His face is capable of showing a wide range of expressions. His tail is a mirror of his mind. His gracefulness is surpassed only by his agility. And, along with all these, he has a sense of humor." - Walter Chandoha

Eszencia Abyssinian Cats

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