Eszencia's Kittens

*Please note: We appreciate the inquiries we receive from all over the world, but due to the uncertainty in shipping routs and airlines, Eszencia will not be shipping kittens/cats outside of Canada at this time. Thank you for your understanding!


Our kittens are born in our bedroom and spend their first eight weeks there being nurtured by their moms. They are then raised "underfoot" until they are ready to go to their permanent homes. It is especially important that they are handled frequently beginning at 4 weeks of age to properly develop those important socialization skills that make them such wonderful companions. Our kittens also remain with their moms until they are ready to go, usually at 14 weeks of age at the earliest, unless they travel. This allows them to fully develop their immunity system, develop their socialization skills with their siblings and people, and prepares them to enter their second home with maturity and confidence.

Three Day Old Abyssinian Kittens     Two Week Old Abyssinian Kitten
Three day old (left) and two week old (right) ruddy Abyssinian kittens.

Please see our "Contact" page to send us an inquiry regarding reserving one of our upcoming Aby kittens. At the same time, we would appreciate knowing a few details about yourself, i.e. do you have any other pets in the household, and ages of children, if any, etc. This information will help ensure we have the very best possible "fit" of kitten to their permanent family.

All our Aby kittens come with a health guarantee, vet health certificate and contract. Most of their pedigrees can be traced back 100 years ......

Eszencia's Double Trouble - Red (left), Ruddy Kitten (right)

Abyssinian Kittens
Ruddy Kittens

Six week old ruddy Abyssinian kitten 15 week old ruddy Abyssinian kitten
Six week old (left) and 15 week old (right) ruddy kittens.

Please contact Eszencia for the availability of kittens.

Retired Adults

The time is now approaching when my adults are reaching three years of age or so, and I feel they deserve to live the life of luxury as someone's beloved pet. As important as the kittens are to me, there is a special bond between my family and our adult abys. Plus the fact that almost without exception I have been with the mama's when they have kittened forges this bond, and makes it even more important to me that they are placed appropriately in their retired homes. If you are interested in providing a loving home for one of my retired adults, please contact me.

** Eszencia reserves the right to refuse cat or kitten placement at it's discretion.

Eszencia cats are CFA, ACFA and CCA registered

Abyssinian Kittens