The Cats of Eszencia


Cinnamon Abyssinian male names Double Trouble.

Eszencia Double Trouble

(Pictured at 16year of age)

The most affectionate, uber personality Abyssinian anyone could ask for. You could never take a nap alone as Trouble would always join you no matter what. If he was sound asleep in a sunny spot on the couch and you went into your room for a nap he would be there within 15 seconds purring up a storm. He wanted to be with you and would follow you around the house to make sure you didn't get into mischief without him. Couldn’t ask for a better cat.

~ Shannon

Poppy, ruddy Abyssinian  laying in the grass on a summer day.


Forever grateful for my beautiful Poppy from Hinka.

~ Amy

Head photo of ruddy Abyssinian female named Jezebel


I received a female ruddy from Hinka. Her name is Jezebel and she is the sweetest. I absolutely love her.

~ Margaret

Head photo of ruddy Abyssinian male named Amir.


I met Hinka when I drove up to a cat show in New Brunswick so that I could adopt one of her wonderful Aby's. I named him Amir and he was a handsome boy with a lovely personality.

~ Julie


Charlie, Pixel, TK and Vinney

~ Lynn's fur babies

We came to know Hinka as first mother to our 2 sets of kittens Charley and Pixel and TK and Vinney. We first met Hinka in 2017 when we travelled to the east coast from Ontario to bring Charley and Pix home, and again in 2022 to bring home TK and Vinney. It was obvious from our first visit what a kind and caring woman Hinka was. Although we did not spend much in person time together, we shared many texts and photos of her kittens as they grew and I know hey kept us both laughing. She was a proud Aby Mom and breeder and went to great lengths to make sure her furbabies were well cared for regardless where they landed. I know her memory will live on with us through our kittens and we are certain she will be celebrated by all who knew her as family, friends and cat parents.


Head photo of cinnamon Abyssinian male named Charlie Two Abyssnian males sitting together. On the left a ruddy males named Pixel, and on the right a cinnamon male named Charlie. Two ruddy Abyssnian males sitting together. On the left is TK and on the right is Vinney.

Ruddy Abyssinian male named Pixel playing i the snow. Ruddy, male, Abyssinian named TK.

Ruddy, male, Abyssinians TK and Vinney napping together. Ruddy, male, Abyssinians TK and Vinney grooming each other. Ruddy, male, Abyssinians TK and Vinney napping together.

Ruddy Abyssinian kitten named Pixel playing with a toy. Two Abyssinian kittens currled up togerher sleeping. One cinnamon and one ruddy. Two Abyssinian kittens sitting togerher. One cinnamon and one ruddy.

Two Abyssinian kittens currled up togerher sleeping. One cinnamon and one ruddy.




Niles, Rubby and Alika/Tails

~ Linda's fur babies

Niles and Ruby joined our family in 2005 and Akila/Tails only recently. Hinka and Rick bred such loving and affectionate cats.... We will always remember them fondly.

Two Abyssinians sitting together. Ruddy, male named Niles on the left and Cinnamon, female named Ruddy on the right. Two Abyssinian cats. Cinnamon female named Rubby sitting on a stool in the background and Ruddy, male named Niles sitting on the floor in the foreground. Cinnamon, female abyssinian cat head photo.Name: Rubby

Cinnamon female Abyssinian named Rubby laying on a red, leather couch. Ruddy, female Abyssiian named Tails sitting on a wooden bench.

Premonition, Cairo, Theo and Apollo

~ Susanne's fur babies

I was blessed to own four of Hinka's abys. They were the most, lovable, affectionate, playful, and crazy into everything cats you could own. Cairo was my biggest baby, he was my shadow. He loved playing fetch, headbutting, and snuggling with me. He was almost 15 when he passed. Premonition was Cairo's mother, and came to me when Hinka retired her. I only had her for 3 years as a she passed away at the age of 6 with kidney failure. That hurt losing her so soon. She was beautiful and loved to headbutt. Theo my little red guy was a wild and crazy cat. He loved to sleep under the covers with me. He Loved to have his belly rubbed as he got older. Appollo was Hinka's mischief maker, she was happy for me to take him. He was a shoulder cat. Loved to headbutt too. If you left a loaf of bread on the counter he would be into it. Thank you Hinka for the pleasure of owning some of your beautiful abys.

Cairo (above three photos)

Theo and Apollo (left). Premonition (Right)