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Our Boys

This is the little guy that started it all.

Haro Jacob of Eszencia - Jacob was our first Aby, and stormed into our house and our hearts. He is a loving and exuberant little kitty, and loves to perch on my shoulders when I’m preparing meals (you never know what might come his way!). Jacob is the little guy shown prowling around on the bottom part of our home page.

Jacob and Jake (below) are full brothers, born in the same litter.

QGC Haro Jake of Eszencia - This little guy is Jake (also commonly called T.J. in our household). He’s a very affectionate and handsome little guy, with gorgeous golden and green eyes, and a beautiful deep coppery ruddy color.

Jake is a Quadruple Grand Champion and we think he's just magnificant!

Jake's Pedigree

"The cat is domestic only as far as suits its own ends..." - Saki


GC Glendoveer Aikido-chi of Eszencia - Kika. Very colorful, very typey, very warm personality, this boy has everything we could have hoped for. He will be a very important part of our plan, and especially our 038 program ....










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