Welcome to Eszencia, home of the beautiful Abyssinian Cat

Abyssinians are extremely intelligent, beautiful, graceful, muscular, inquisitive and always willing to help out with whatever you may be doing. Although not generally a lap cat, they make a wonderful companion and will want to be wherever you are.

Located in beautiful Nova Scotia, Canada, our cattery strives to produce loving, beautiful abys that will not only excel in the show ring, but also find a special place in your family and heart.

We presently have Abyssinians from both dilute and non-dilute ruddy and sorrel gene pools. Although all our Abys have excellent temperment and physical characteristics of the breed, our long term goal, along with producing healthy, high quality Abys, is to help preserve the non-dilute gene pool and the beautiful deep copper tones of the ruddy and sorrel colors.

Eszencia cats are CFA, ACFA and CCA registered


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    Phone: (902) 864-3789

    Beaver Bank, Nova Scotia

    "The smallest feline is a masterpiece."
    ~ Leonardo da Vinci

    Female Rudy Abyssinian Kitten jumping for toy